11th ODF plugfest – suggested hotels

The Hague has plenty of hotels, in all price ranges.

The hotels closest to the venue are the Babylon Hampshire Hotel (four stars) and the The Hague NH Hotel (four stars), but there are many other suitable hotels as well as bed-and-breakfast places in the city.

The Hague is a compact city, and it has excellent public transport. The venue is straight next to the Central Station, so you are guaranteed to have easy transport.

There will be no special arrangements with this or any other hotel. Many people attending will book through their organisation, having specific hotels they have special corporate programmes with. Even in such cases, booking through the internet will most likely land you a better price than we can negotiate for such an event. But alas, you’ll have to make that choice yourself.

If you are participating in the plugfest and have questions – please let us know. We are eager for you to have an enjoyable event, and will do our best to accomodate your needs.

If you want to suggest other suitable hotels, please contact the organisation.