History of the guidance

In 2012, the United Kingdom Cabinet Office adopted the Open Standards Principles. This laid down important policy conditions on software interoperability, data and document formats in government IT specifications. In 2014 the UK Cabinet Office commissioned OpenDoc Society to write a guidance on the implementation of Open Document Format (“ODF”) in the public sector.

The goal of the guidance documents was "to advise technology leaders in the UK government on how to implement and transition to ODF with the minimum of disruption for their users inside and outside of government". The guidance is now maintained as part of OpenDocumentFormat.org.

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OpenDocument Format is a huge step forward for interoperability for productivity applications. In the post-PC era, there will still be documents and spreadsheets, but it is essential that these are available on many different platforms. That is where ODF comes in.

- Michiel Leenaars, director of Strategy, NLnet foundation.