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“ODF Plugfest helps even small companies and individual developers who have limited resources to focus their activities on important issues. Lots of inspiring ideas and a great learning experience.”
Jakub Ondrusek
Comsultia (SK)

8th ODF plugfest – online participation

While the physical 8th ODF plugfest takes place in Brussels, you might not be able to attend in person. This is why we invite you to participate remotely as well.

Most of the actual testing work happens on the ODF plugfest wiki. If you do not have an account, register here and send us a mail.

Other means of remote participation

  • Joining in on IRC: #odfplugfest on will give you a more interactive way of participating. Use a web browser or your client of choice
  • For those interested in microblogging: the suggested semantic marker is #odfplugfest (, Twitter)
  • Get on the participant mailing list. If you are registered you should be on it already, if not contact one of the organisers.
  • But please observe the house rules

The 8th plugfest hosted by:

And organised by:

Microsoft Office
OpenDoc Society