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“ODF Plugfest helps even small companies and individual developers who have limited resources to focus their activities on important issues. Lots of inspiring ideas and a great learning experience.”
Jakub Ondrusek
Comsultia (SK)

9th ODF plugfest – Programme

The latest version of the programme of the 9th plugfest can be found at the plugfest wiki.

The programme of the plugfest will again consist of of a technical part where the actual plugtesting is done (under Chatham house rule) and a part which is open to the general public.

Your contributions will be evaluated by an independent programme committee, consisting of:

  • Alan Bell (OpenForum Europe)
  • Patrick Durusau (Individual)
  • Basil Cousins (OpenForum Europe)
  • Roberto Gallopini (Sourceforge)
  • Sophie Gautier (TDF)
  • Bart Hanssens (Fedict)
  • John Haug (Microsoft)
  • Michiel Leenaars (NLnet foundation)
  • Louis Suarez-Potts (Individual)
  • Jos van den Oever (WebODF, KO GmbH)
  • Rob Weir (IBM)

The 9th plugfest hosted by:

And organised by:

The Document Foundation
OpenDoc Society