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Towards real world interoperability.
Past experience has shown developers and technical management from larger and smaller vendors as well as community leaders have valued the chance to attend and work on real world interoperability.

Venue of 7th ODF plugfest

Join us in Gouda

The ODF plugfests are an ongoing series of vendor-neutral events, bringing together implementers and stakeholders of the standard. The goal is to achieve maximum interoperability by running scenario-based tests in a hands-on manner and discuss new and proposed features of the ODF specification.

The seventh ODF plugfest took place in The Netherlands on November 17/18th 2011, hosted by the Netherlands in Open Connection government programme, OpenDoc Society and the Dutch ODF government usergroup. The programme consiste of three separate events the attendees could choose from, depending on their interests:

General audience

  • Are you an end user interested in the current state of the art in office applications? Visit the public facing part of the event with interesting talks on ODF and its applications. This part is intended for a wider, non-technical audience (Friday afternoon). (more)

Interested in deep technical understanding of ODF?

  • If you are interested in the technical work that powers the portability of your future content, visit the more interactive technical sessions (Thursday + Friday morning) (more)

Work with automatically generated documents?

The events take place in the historical city hall of Gouda, The Netherlands.

Read the Invitation by Ineke Schop, Bert Bakker and Paul Rekveld.

Gouda plugfest organised and hosted by: