Test Reports for Taiwan’s ODF Policy

This page contains the test results listed in Test Scenarios for Taiwan. These results will be referenced by NDC Taiwan for further ODF Policy going.

File Test Reorts List

Files Reports Link
10603001-3.odt Test Record
10603001-3_saved_by_GoogleDoc.odt Test Record
10603001_by_ms2016.odt Test Record
10603001_by_NDCTools.odt Test Record
basic-table-with-verticle-binding-line.odt Test Record
basic-table-with-verticle-binding-line-saved-by-ms2016.odt Test Record
basic-table-with-verticle-binding-line_saved_by_NDCTools.odt Test Record
invisible-tables.odt Test Record
invisible-tables_saved_by_ms2013.odt Test Record
invisible-tables_saved_by_NDCTools.odt Test Record
nested-table.odt Test Record
nested-table_saved_by_NDCTools.odt Test Record
nested-table_saved_by_ms2016.odt Test Record
simple-application-form.ods Test Record
simple-application-form-saved-by-ms2016.ods Test Record
simple-application-form-saved_by_NDCTools.ods Test Record
weekday_format.ods Test Record
weekday_format_saved_by_ms2016.ods Test Record
weekday_format_saved_by_NDCTools.ods Test Record
simple_slides.odp Test Record
simple_slides_maded_by_ms2016.odp Test Record
simple_slides_saved_by_NDCTools.odp Test Record

Short Summary

  • Google Docs does better opening ODF files generated by MS Office than by other office suite.
  • MS Office generated ODT (Text Document ODF) files have problems showing on LibreOffice/NDCTools.
  • Google Docs generated ODF files don’t show well in LibreOffice / NDCTools.

  • Weekday format saved by MS Office 2016 and Google Doc doesn’t contain calendar type.


Due to time issue, these tests limited to mutually visual appearance check for

  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Helped by Aarti Nankani and from Microsoft)
  • NDC Application Tools
  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice

mainly using the preview feature on the ODF test servers. The test record and result for each file can be found at Test Reports for Taiwan’s ODF Policy.

Here are some findings as a whole:

  • ODF files generated by LibreOffice and NDC Application Tools can be opened by MS Office correctly, except that one file (basic-table-with-verticle-binding-line) made Microsoft Word crashed when opening, which has already been approved as a bug in Word. However, Google Doc (Google Drive) generally doesn’t handle these files well.
  • Opening ODT (ODF text document) files generated by MS Office with LibreOffice Writer or NDC Application Tools Writer will always have strange grid lines. Attendees from Microsoft have seen that and we have discussed this problem with each other.
  • Generally speaking, Google Docs would open ODF files better if the ODF files are generated by MS Office, otherwise it doesn’t handle very well.
  • The most important finding is that, LibreOffice Calc and NDC Application Tools Calc can correctly save ODS file when the cell contains date-time and the format of the cell is set to show ROC years, while Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet don’t save the date-time format correctly. We have checked the ODF spec definition section 19.341, "number:calendar" and checked the content.xml and styles.xml in these ODF files and confirmed it. In the ODF file saved by LibreOffice /NDC Application Tools, it defines number:calendar as: <number:year number:calendar="ROC" number:style="long"/><number:text>年</number:text><number:month number:calendar="ROC" number:textual="true"/><number:day number:calendar="ROC"/><number:text>日 </number:text><number:day-of-week number:calendar="ROC" number:style="long"/> while MS Office and Google Docs don’t follow this rule.

According the above findings, we suggest users in public administrations in Taiwan use LibreOffice and NDC Application Tools. We’ve discussed and noticed with Microsoft attendees about problems Microsoft Office have and they agreed to look into these problems.