OpenDocument Format


OpenDocument Format is standardised by OASIS and adopted by ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34. ODF is the current best practice for sharing and storing office documents across the industry. ODF makes your documents such as texts or presentations more portable across operating systems and devices.

Why test ODF files

You probably know that OpenDocument Format files come in a number of forms: text, presentation, spreadsheet, drawings and more. Since ODF is a standard, ODF files are expected to look and behave similarly in all the software that supports ODF. But how can you tell if that is really the case? By testing?

What does it do?

ODFAutoTests is a framework to help users and developers write test documents for ODF software. Tests are a great tool to help software and standards mature, but writing tests by hand is very time consuming. ODFAutoTests makes it easy to create them, and run them across multipe products.

Open source

ODF Autotests is completely open, so use it as you see fit. Please check the fine introduction on how to run the ODF Autotests locally, and how to contribute your own tests. Pull requests warmly invited.

ODF Autotests originally created by Jos van den Oever, with contributions from dr. Steven Pemberton, Michiel Leenaars, dr. Ben Martin, Friedrich Kossebau, Andras Timar, Arthur Buijs, Stuart J. Mackintosh, Bram Buijs

Supported by: NLnet foundation OpenDoc Society